This is a big year in Adam’s life…Senior year… So many possibilities and adventures await… Next Step… College… Looking forward to seeing you reach the stars!


Angela is one of the most courageous women I know. Through her successes and struggles alike, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to using her life’s journey as a catalyst for others. I am thankful for the opportunity to surround myself with brave women like Angela, the level of leadership she showcases is world class. Thank You for being you, and sharing. You are an inspiration.


These styles and ladies alike are on fire this summer season. <3


It’s an ever changing ride in the photography field… One thing that I’m enjoying more than any other aspect of my career is watching families and their children grow. Year after year witnessing little babies turn into toddlers… Toddlers turning into kids… And in some cases the kiddos turning into seniors! Wow! What a beautiful circle life is. <3 I’m humbled to be apart of these memories.


A few months ago the Reistroffer Design team had the opportunity to work with PEAK Performance Training Center Sioux Falls on a number of marketing projects for their facility in Sioux Falls. We helped create their website, exterior signage (including install), graphics design, photography and a number of promotional videos. It was an AWESOME experience!

I think what left our team most impressed with PPTC is the quality of influence the leadership portrays to the students. After interviewing a dozen parents, students, and the coaches I firmly believe young folks this summer with empty schedules could benefit from the teachings at PPTC. – I know if I had little’s, these folks would be #1 on my radar for an after-school program or summer camp.

” I was super shy, I wouldn’t talk. – As soon as I entered Peak Performance the more I got into classes, the friends, the family, the team, especially the team has made me who I am today. I have confidence. I’m not afraid to show who I am. Chasing greatness.”
– Carla Reyes 3yr student

If you would like to learn more about their offerings, or see our marketing in motion feel free to visit PPTC’s website to learn and view more!

Enjoy a Before Photo and many after’s!       


It’s Cinco De Mayo and we might be having a little bit of fun! Here at the Cabo Wabo in Las Vegas tourists and locals alike are celebrating the sunshine and tequila! ( Mostly tequila )


Ted Talks have been something I’ve enjoyed now for quite some time… Thadeus Giedd though had some big plans of his own..This past weekend he welcomed many brilliant speakers to the stage to bring some powerful talking points to the community and world at large… Take a look in at a few of the nights highlights!


Hovland, Rasmus, Brendtro & Trzynka

When your best friend starts up his own Law Firm with a few of his peer’s you have to show some love! – Looking forward to many great successes for this A-Team! Look for some new portraits for their new website, print materials and web publications!



Partnering up and splitting my time between three cities and states over the past 6 months has been an interesting and remarkable ride. Here in Nevada, like many other states that have legalized marijuana have affording individuals and companies to expand their opportunities and offerings within the cannabis industry. About a month ago I was commissioned by an agency to work with Two Roots a new adult beverage company that believes they’re going to change the game for the consumption of THC. At the yearly Bar and Night-life Convention in Las Vegas NV consumers and bar owners had the chance to try the new product. -What a diverse crowd might I ad!- The adult beverage ( Adults 21 and older ) allows consumers to feel similar effects similar to alcohol, with no hangover that is less destructive to the body.  Pretty neat stuff for folks that are looking for a kicker to the night! – I’m not a drinker myself so I couldn’t be one of the first to try it…. If you’ve tried Two Roots what are your thoughts?  If you haven’t tried it, will you? – I hear they are an official sponsor of the Las Vegas Knights soccer team!



So, as some of you may know and some of you whom may not… I have expanded Reistroffer Design’s package offerings out of just Sioux Falls. – I am now offering Family Portraits in CA, SD, and NV! 🙂 – Over the past month I have been so fortunately to have been welcomed so warmly into Gualala and Point Arena CA. – What a treat it has been for me getting to meet all of you! I love all my new friends! – Enjoy some beautiful samples from our many sessions over the month! 🙂