1asdf6asdfbasdfase432With in 48hrs of this shoot over 600 professional photographers and models have made there mark on this collection.. Special thank you to everyone involved that helped make this shoot a great success! Special Note : Special Thank you goes out to Lindsey Hayzlett for the great job she did on make up and hair! Kudos!


Great pose and light

This totally works for me – great image, and great lighting

Delightful shoot and great idea

good work

WoW !!! Amazing series ! Great pose, concept, lightning … everything —-> PERFECT ! Love your work my friend ! Excellent Work ! Listed !

they’re all just as equally amazing!

Spectacular model.

Simply Wow!

Isabella Richards

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I love this… Beautiful

beautiful -great work

Lovely pose, great concept

Great shot! I love the pose and the model’s expression! The lighting is perfect and really brings out her beautiful features!

WOW! So beautiful! SO simple, yet so sexy!

In Love.

It’s simple yet complex. Thoguh you can’t see the model’s face, it still invokes emotion and awe. Great job.


Great idea, great model

speechless, so eloquent, her body is amazing in the pose, and the sand it has a clean feeling although she is basically covered in dirt/sand

great series. I love the pose and lighting on this =] amazing work!

Very Beautiful

Love the pose and the lighting for this series. Great work!

Love the symmetry and creativity in displayed in this pic. Very nicely done. Erin 🙂


Thorsten Jankowski

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yes! great adaption – you did it well!

absolutely love these.. great concept. well done!

This is a badass pictures, the lighting, model and pose all rock!

Enlightend Photography

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I like the flow and ambiguity – great idea

awesome. love everything about it.

Je t’adore!

Sooo Amazing!! wowo

wow, awesome powerfull

Love the theme and the lighting. Beautiful!

Gorgeous! I love the energy

Wheew are the other 14 pics?

Where can I see the full collection?

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