Love is real. – It’s full, its exciting, and, meant for two hearts. – Marcus and Evelyn possess something that few will ever find. – Real. Genuine. Love. – The kind of love that makes you laugh out loud when you bonk your heads while kissing… The kind of love that makes the room glow from the joyful smiles they share as they gaze into one another’s eyes…. Its no wonder why their families on both sides have long histories of marriage. – They’ve both had wonderful examples of what it means to love their partner. – I just find it so incredible¬†that these two found each other¬†considering their families live 6,000 miles apart.. – That’s what makes things so special… True soulmates. – He was meant for her, and she was meant for him…. Lets peak into their American Wedding in Las Gatos, CA. – Can’t wait to see what happens at their second wedding in Berlin, Germany.


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