Wedding Photography

“To be an artist, you must learn the laws of nature.” — Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Artists often use the word “balance” to describe the placement of : colors light and dark, objects large and small, in an image to proportion their work to the golden ratio.

The same can be said of a relationship. Nothing is more important — especially for the couple committed to creating a lifetime of moments and memories together — than achieving balance.

Without it, no relationship will last, or thrive.

I love to shoot weddings because when I capture the bride and groom’s first moments as a couple — that special coming together when two end and one begins — then I will have captured that moment of beauty and bliss.

I am able to capture that perfect balance for you. You’ll see it in the expressions of couples who knew I was photographing them, and you’ll also find it in the candid images of friends and family who didn’t know that my lens was focused on them.

I understand that your wedding album serves as your family’s first heirloom and is a story that can be told, time and again for many years after the first dance has been danced and the last of the bubbly has been poured.

By looking back at their photographs, I’ve found that many of my clients often remember the first steps they took down a long road that’s often dotted with obstacles, large and small, as they reflect on why they started the journey together in the first place. If I’ve done my job well the moments captured will remind them of lightest of days even during dark times.

Light and dark. Large and small. Balance.

That’s what makes a wedding shoot — and the married life that follows — nothing short of exceptional.





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