Partnering up and splitting my time between three cities and states over the past 6 months has been an interesting and remarkable ride. Here in Nevada, like many other states that have legalized marijuana have affording individuals and companies to expand their opportunities and offerings within the cannabis industry. About a month ago I was commissioned by an agency to work with Two Roots a new adult beverage company that believes they’re going to change the game for the consumption of THC. At the yearly Bar and Night-life Convention in Las Vegas NV consumers and bar owners had the chance to try the new product. -What a diverse crowd might I ad!- The adult beverage ( Adults 21 and older ) allows consumers to feel similar effects similar to alcohol, with no hangover that is less destructive to the body.  Pretty neat stuff for folks that are looking for a kicker to the night! – I’m not a drinker myself so I couldn’t be one of the first to try it…. If you’ve tried Two Roots what are your thoughts?  If you haven’t tried it, will you? – I hear they are an official sponsor of the Las Vegas Knights soccer team!


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