Today as a community we came together to raise over $3,000.00 for Bishop Dudley House here in Sioux Falls. – Our event was so very special and near to my heart because the Bishop Dudley House Serves many men, women and children in our community that are facing hardships and homelessness. It was a privilege both serving along side, and serving such a incredible people. – Fringe Salon’s talented stylists today offered their artistry helping each of our guests feel and look their best… Our guests arrived with full hearts and a desire to donate. <3 – I’m so humbled to have been involved. <3


Love is real. – It’s full, its exciting, and, meant for two hearts. – Marcus and Evelyn possess something that few will ever find. – Real. Genuine. Love. – The kind of love that makes you laugh out loud when you bonk your heads while kissing… The kind of love that makes the room glow from the joyful smiles they share as they gaze into one another’s eyes…. Its no wonder why their families on both sides have long histories of marriage. – They’ve both had wonderful examples of what it means to love their partner. – I just find it so incredible that these two found each other considering their families live 6,000 miles apart.. – That’s what makes things so special… True soulmates. – He was meant for her, and she was meant for him…. Lets peak into their American Wedding in Las Gatos, CA. – Can’t wait to see what happens at their second wedding in Berlin, Germany.



This afternoon I had the beautiful, inspiring, and, talented Miss South Dakota USA, Tessa Dee on set. – Boy did we have fun experimenting with my new lighting and creating new promotional as she steps closer to Miss Universe!

Enjoy a Sneak Peak!



JuLiana’s Boutique La Femme in Sioux Falls truly is ” that ” something special boutique. – Their fashion forward mind-set truly separates them the crowd. – The garments are stylish, elegant, and, eye catching. – There is no question in my mind why women both locally and nationally reach-out to Julie, Lana and their team for fashion advice and access to some of the hottest designer clothing.

For me, it was a treat being able to photograph these beautiful dresses by Nicole Miller and Milly ( Michelle Smith ). – The textures, the details and quality of the materials are truly superb.

Enjoy a glance into our shoot.


—- Remember… If you like what you see, you can always visit Juliana’s in store in Sioux Falls or online!


Sneak peak behind the scenes! – Turning The Bakery into a high fashion set! – Great basement walls!!

Special Thank You to the incredible and beautiful Kim Rockman for modeling these gorgeous garments!


Detail, love, thought and heart. – Those are the first few words that come to mind when I reflect on Matt and Jeslyn’s wedding day.  It was awesome observing the smiles, hugs and stories flowed back and forth among everyone attending because of how much love these two radiate.  – The heart behind all of the small and thoughtful details only amplified the joy and happiness experienced.  – What an honor it has been creating a glimpse back in time for these two and their loved ones. – Enjoy the teaser…

Friends and family. – If you would like to see the whole collection please contact Matt or Jeslyn for the full online gallery.


Laughter is what keeps the spirit young. – With how silly, playful and joyful these love bugs are…. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ever grow old.


When there is this much love between two people you can’t help but smile. What genuine love these two share.


The dress, The flowers, the details and hearts shared…. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding.


What. A. Wedding. – I’m still left in awe by the attention to detail, color and themes from each and every ceremony. – The enthusiasm, love and sense of family were out of this world. – So many majestic memories. Truly an incredible series of day worth reflecting upon for a lifetime.