The Dakota Pipeline represents so much Evil and disrespect to our indigenous peoples here in America still to this day.  – It’s so incredible through all of their hardships over the past 500 years as settlers have raped, stolen lands and slaughtered their ancestors they still prevail with hope, prayer and love as such a giant marches through their lands without tribal permission threatening their very way of life with Oil and the possible leaks within their aquifers. – Much like the settlers long past, treaty after treaty broken by our government they face still indignities that dehumanize their very presence on their own land. – Land that is a sovereign independent nation from the United States Government.  – I’m so thankful with my own eyes, ears and time I was able to sit, listen, shake hands, observe and learn about their cultures and struggles. – Understanding the great gravity of what is happening in ND, I came upon much more than I had anticipated. – I came upon a tribal gathering of such magnitude that it hasn’t been seen in over 140 years. Tribe after tribe after tribe arriving with grand entrances with flags, dances and songs. Some by horse, some by boat, some by parade. – All coming together in one single voice at Standing Rock showing love, prayer and kindness standing up against Big Oil taking over their lands.

– My experiences this week at the Standing Rock Reservation were filled with warm welcomes, shared meals, pow wows and the love of family. – I would like for you to see the inside of the camp at Standing Rock. – It is a place of harmony, sharing of culture, education, song and prayer. All pushing forward for a peaceful, non-violent resolution that respects their lands, burial sites and right to govern their own sovereign lands independent of the rapist that is The Dakota Pipeline LLC. – I am so thankful that today a continued temporary halt on production was made by the Obama Administration based upon the atrocities and injustices that are continuing to unfold.

From my eyes, to yours here is what it looks like in the very peaceful, wisdom filled Standing Rock camp.




What an incredible view of Historic Downtown Sioux Falls.


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I’m so thankful for inspirational leaders. They are the people that raise up the masses. The people who dare to dream and make their imaginations reality. This weekend I was surrounded by some of the greatest leaders in business in the world. The people that literally change the world. These remarkable people know what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead, apart of that is networking with the right people. Thankfully to the leadership at The C-Suite Network,  networking these remarkable minds through conferences around the nation and the use of the online C-Suite Network has never been easier. – Truly a privilege on my part to be a young international entrepreneur with this kind of leadership surrounding me. Thank You for welcoming me to your world.


An adventure is looming….


A few months ago, I was asked by some very close friends of mine to help them create something special for our friend Sita who unfortunately lost her husband Jeff in a tragic wing-suit accident.  We took some of his greatest photographs and created a metallic showcase that wowed fellow enthusiasts from around the world…. Moments like these remind us all that our life on this planet is brief, precious and something to be lived to the fullest. – In loving memory of Jeff Nebelkopf